Additional areas of application

Receiptless payment transactions in commerce
Receiptless (paperless) payment transactions: A signature pad is installed at the POS. The customer signs the receipt directly on the tablet, which also makes the receipt available for the merchant in electronic form. No more tiresome research in the event of inquiries and the receipt can also be sent to the customer via email. 

Customer retention in commerce
Customers sign up with their signature profiles. Customers can be identified based on this profile, which makes shopping with the personal handwritten signature a reality. A forgotten customer card will no longer keep customers from doing business with you.

Paperless contracts in the telecommunications field
End customers sign their mobile phone or DSL contracts on a graphic tablet or a special touchscreen monitor. The signed contracts are immediately available in the archive and are simultaneously sent to the customers via email.

Bank transaction authorizations

The entire written interaction with the customer at the POS is done in electronic form.
If a signature profile for that client has been saved, the system checks the identity of the client independently.

Electronic insurance application management
The insurance agent or broker signs the insurance application and the notes from the consultation directly on-site at the customer’s location.