Hilti starts with electronic TORG-13 process in Russia

Hilti AG, Schaan / Liechtenstein

Hilti expanded their POSportal server installation and optimized their internal SAP delivery note process (TORG-13) in Russia. The goal was to provide consistency in the processes and audit-proof documentation.


The use case: Internal delivery notes (TORG-13)

To date, internal product deliveries (e.g. demo equipment) were always accompanied by paper documents that were created with SAP. Certain documents (quality control, packing lists, accompanying documents, etc.) had to be confirmed and signed at certain stations. Finally, the receiver had to confirm the receipt of the product. Since large distances had to be covered, this system was prone to errors.

With the new system, each document receives its own SAP control code, which contains all process-relevant information (who requested it, QS, recipient, necessary communication, etc.). The POSportal server automatically generates the individual document workflow from the SAP control information (e.g. who is being informed by whom and about what). It informs the parties involved (people or groups according to MS Active Directory requirements) and demands an appropriate signature of the document (smartcard, biometric signature, mobile phone signature etc.) The workflow is concluded with the successful archiving.

According to an internal “Hilti Business Case Analysis”, the payback period of this project is significantly less than 12 months, not counting the staff satisfaction about the work simplification.


About Hilti AG

With their corporate headquarters in Liechtenstein, the Hilti Group is one of the leading companies in the area of mounting and construction technology. It was founded in 1941 as a family company and has developed into a multinational company with approx. 21,000 employees in over 120 countries.