Long-term partnership established with Scanpoint Europe Holding GmbH

Vienna / Austria

In Austria, Scanpoint is a market leader for electronic document flow, such as digital inboxes and electronic deliveries. Many well-known Austrian companies are clients of Scanpoint. In order to expand their portfolio and to offer new services to their clients, Scanpoint will now distribute POSportal software and host it as a service. The first shared customers are close to launch. 

All clients profit from a Scanpoint full-service solution, which brings

·       the highest quality and security standards,
·       technological expertise,
·       high production capacities, and
·       geographical proximity.

Scanpoint operates a POSportal server in their computer center, which enables them to provide their clients with many different services, including:

·       individualized workflow management,
·       electronic forms
·       digital signatures combined with biometric signatures.

Previously, there was often a media break during the processing of documents, since individual customer information had to be entered manually and also printed on paper. With the help of the POSportal standard software, the handling effort has now been reduced significantly, which helps simplify and accelerate processes and improve customer service.

POS Solutions and Scanpoint are now going to promote their vision of the paperless office together, so that in the future all important data can be stored safely online and accessed directly at any time.


Scanpoint Europe Holding GmbH 

Scanpoint GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the Austrian POST AG. The Austrian production locations of Scanpoint can be found in all six mail-sorting centers of the Österreichische POST AG (Graz, Hall in Tirol, Linz, Salzburg, Villach, Vienna), which guarantees an area-wide digitalization network for short transport paths. In addition, one production location is operated in Nitra/Slovakia.