Order system with integrated customer management

mobilkom liechtenstein AG (short: FL1), Vaduz / Liechtenstein

A new order tool including customer management functionality based on the POS Solutions POSportal server  was developed for mobilkom liechtenstein. The POSportal server is operated by A1 Telekom in Vienna.

The FL1 decisionmakers were managing director Mathias Maierhofer and sales director Alexander Zorn. The clear priorities for Mathias Maierhofer were security of investment and efficiency, while Alexander Zorn’s main focus was optimizing the sales and customer process. Mr. Zorn wanted an increased focus on the customer and customer service, while simultaneously seeking to enhance the system’s usability for the company’s sales force. 

All of these goals were accomplished in full. Specifically, the following important performance factors were addressed:

Rapid order placement, for external partners and staff as well

Through an intelligent organization of customer data in two databases, the existing customer data can be transferred into the order form. Moreover, each form accesses business logic services that help with filling out the form. Thanks to the implemented roll and authorization system, external staff and partners can also use the tool.

Touch navigation and presentation on mobile hardware devices

Generally speaking, the application is optimized for touch-capable mobile devices, but it can also be used comfortably on a normal pc with a browser. The front end is programmed in HTML5.

Synchronization of information with the existing systems

Since the application can be seen primarily as a sales front end, the reconciliation of captured or changed information is essential. For example, product information is matched with SAP and customer master data, and order information is matched with Amdocs.

Comprehensive overview of all customer-relevant data

The customer is at the center of the sales tool. All information about the customer (e.g.  communication, appointments, interests, products) is available and can easily be configured for the front end. Thanks to personalized reports, marketing managers can access the most important data at any time.

Simple administration 

Due to the involvement of external service providers (e.g. for creating forms), changing FL1 products and services used to involve significant effort and a lengthy preparation time. With the POSportal server, each modification can be done directly by the responsible FL1 employee.

Scalable and updatable  

During the project phase, initial ideas already emerged regarding additional potential applications. Thus, a product catalogue and various services (e.g. technical feasibility, creditworthiness, etc.) will be linked to external providers in the near future.


About mobilkom liechtenstein AG

The mobilkom liechtenstein AG telecommunications company is a 100% member of A1 and the largest mobile provider in Liechtenstein.


On 27 June 2014, mobilkom liechtenstein AG signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Telecom Liechtenstein. Once the merger is approved, the company will operate under the name of Telekom Liechtenstein.