The signPOS product range

With signPOS, the entire point-of-sale workflow can be electronically enabled: 

  • controlling processes
    specifying workflow, defining templates, events, attachments, etc.

  • creating PDFs
    converting file formats to PDF 

  • managing documents and information
    integrating scans, meta-data and feedback into a document 

  • fill out forms like on paper
    filling out blank fields in PDF forms  

  • making notes directly in the document
    check boxes, hand-written notes, etc. 

  • protecting documents with biometry and digital signatures
    writing speed, printingpressure, encryption, etc. 

  • automated delivery and archiving
    prompt, automated document delivery, "archive in the cloud" etc. 

  • MDM ‐ Mobile Device Management
    manage and control tablet PCs and smartphones centrally 

Overview of Advantages

  •   direct activation of signPOS from leading applications (CRM, ERP, etc.)

  •   simple usage

  •   automated PDF conversions

  •   minimal changes to established processes

  •   high acceptance by both customers and employees

  •   reduced paper consumption

  •   time-consuming handling at the POS and the central office is eliminated

  •   reduced document processing times

  •   frees up valuable employee time

  •   web services for the central archiving of digital documents

  •   enhanced compliance with auditing standards

  •   easy access to archived documents

  •   simplified document management

  •   smooth integration into existing processes and systems

  •   ability to authenticate signatures in real-time