signPOS Client Software

signPOS – electronic signature on point of sale documents
With the signPOS electronic signature solution, there is no need to print out signature-based documents such as contracts, applications, agreements, or delivery orders. Simply sign them directly in your application, which saves time, money and resources

The paper disappears – the process remains
With signPOS, the signature is not placed on the paper document, but on a user-friendly signature tablet, a display, a smartphone or a tablet PC.

Easy to use for both your customers and your employees
The client signs on the signature tablet, and an electronic document with the biometric characteristics of the signature is generated and saved. To verify the signature (e.g. in the event of a dispute), the electronic signature can be used as a reference signature at any time. Moreover, a certificate-based encryption method protects the document against subsequent manipulation.

Fast handling through digital document management
After signing, the electronic document can be encrypted and centrally archived on a secure database. The signed electronic document can be accessed easily, quickly and securely at any time, which eliminates the laborious administration and archiving of paper documents.

signPOS is also available as SDK for direct integration into your applications!

The signPOS client is available for different fields of application and operating systems:

  • signPOS client for Microsoft Windows
    Online or offline client under Microsoft Windows, which converts and/or signs a PDF document

  • EasySignature

    Online or offline client for digital signatures and the processing of sales receipts 

  • signPOS client for Android devices

    Online or offline client for tablets or smartphones with the Android operating system

  • signPOS client for Apple devices

    Online or offline client for tablets or smartphones with the Apple operating system

  • signPOS plug-in for Microsoft Office documents
    Offline Plug-in for embedding a signature in Word and Excel documents