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Product launch of POSsignflow – new web front end to the multi-level signature process

POS Solutions GmbH, Braunau am Inn / Austria (Upper Austria)

The new POSportal module POSsignflow is used to load a document into the cloud so someone else can sign it remotely.

Although a multi-level signature via the POSportal API has long been possible in the machine system environment, POSsignfow now makes a user front end possible with which documents can also be sent manually in a signature flow. This means that documents can be sent and signed from almost any device.

POSsignflow is meant to mainly be used by HR, Purchasing, or top management to shorten the processing time for documents that require multiple signatures from different people. Right now, many employees work at various locations and can often be reached only remotely.

POSsignflow generates advanced electronic signatures in compliance with eIDAS. Advanced electronic signatures are permitted as evidence in court. But qualified electronic signatures can also be integrated.