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KYC subsequent legitimizing of existing customers with the Dadat Onlinebank

Salzburg / Austria

In accordance with the requirements of the financial supervisory authorities, bank customer data must always be kept up to date and periodically monitored. To make this process as efficient and comfortable for its customers as possible, the Dadat Onlinebank has introduced a fully digital process based on the POSportal server already available.

Customers receive an invitation link and, after the automated remote identification, can confirm their personal data and update them if applicable. This is possible via the POSportal module POSident.

The POSident module’s FotoidentPLUS procedure is used for this. In an additional step, the results of the fully automated photo identification procedure are subsequently controlled manually by an expert.

This offers the following advantages:

  • GwG conformity
  • High level of security through double verification (manual and systemic verification)
  • Targeted auditing of selected characteristics and additional individual characteristics is possible