POSportal module for scanning

scanPOS can be used if additional documents are required or have to be uploaded as part of the onboarding process. When registering online or at the point of sales, this can be e.g. EAN codes, copies of ID, proof of salary, registration form, etc. To do this, the user photographs the documents with his mobile device or uses a scanner.

Legal certainty according to eIDAS

Platforms iOS, Android and Microsoft

Integration via Standard API + SDK

Loadbalancing and Clustering

Monitoring and Logging functions

Integration of Active Directory

Module: scanPOS

With scanPOS you can scan documents and integrate them into the electronic process.

Extension: Scan of ID documents including fraud check and OCR

The data of the scanned documents can be automatically transferred to the further process. With OCR and fraud check, e.g. In addition to the copy of the document, also extract the data and check the authenticity of the document.

Integration via POSportal Server (scanPOS Backend)

  • Standard API and SDK for integration into other applications
  • Push module for notification of registered applications and users in the event of certain events
  • Integration of Active Directory service for user authentication
  • Monitoring and logging functions to understand the processes and procedures on the server
  • Administration and configuration of the entire POSportal server and its modules via the POSportal
  • Support of high availability solutions (load balancing, clustering)
  • Multi-tenant capable and virtualizable
  • Multilingualism expandable via language files

Development year:



iOS, Android and Microsoft

Supported hardware:

Smartphone, tablet, PC, desktop scanner, multiprinter, etc.


SQL and others on request