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Company-wide signature platform with POSsign at Zürich Versicherung

Zürich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG (Zurich insurance company), Zurich / Switzerland

Zürich Versicherung replaces its signature solution and is equipping its entire sales staff with POSsign. After a thorough evaluation phase, the Zürich Versicherung chose POSsign signature software and brought about a company-wide signature platform based on the POSportal Server.

In the future, POS Solutions will use its POSportal software to head for the “last mile” of the electronic process: the electronic legally compliant signature. All Zürich customers and employees can sign electronic documents digitally on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).

With POSsign, all applications and process requirements for Zürich Versicherung were able to be shown as standard. Zürich Versicherung was also impressed by the fact that POS Solutions products feature simple technical implementation, significant process improvements, and are easy to use.

About the Zurich Insurance Group

The Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich), headquartered in Zurich, is an internationally active Swiss financial services company and the parent company of Zürich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft. (Source: Wikipedia)