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Launch of paybox Ident – automatic online identification and remote legitimization

Paybox Service GmbH, Vienna / Austria

With paybox Ident (www.payboxident.at), together with Paybox Service, POS Solutions has created a platform that companies can use to check their customers’ identity online. The ID service provides multiple identification procedures and is based on POSportal technology and the POSident module. This means identities can be legally verified in seconds. And customers benefit:

Paybox Ident is safe

Strong security protocols are applied to protect personal data from access or misuse.

Paybox Ident is doubly simple

Since the service has one common platform for multiple identification procedures it can be easily integrated into existing online shops and websites, and the fact that it’s easy to use means a high rate of success.

Paybox Ident is legally compliant

Paybox Ident also complies with the requirements under the Austrian Money Laundering Act.

Paybox Ident is fast

Fully automatic identification within seconds. The identification platform is available round the clock, regardless of office hours.

Paybox Ident was developed in collaboration with the largest financial service providers in Austria. Companies such as A1 Telekom, T-Mobile and Drei already rely on Paybox Ident.

About paybox Service GmbH

This is a platform for developing e-vouchers, POS and web shop solutions, trade with e-voucher systems, and services for online identification and legitimization.