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Raiffeisen Solution receives its visitors digitally

A1 Telekom Austria AG, Wien

Raiffeisen Solution receives its visitors digitally

Raiffeisen Software Solution and Service GmbH, Wien / Austria

The antiquated visitor book at the reception of the Raiffeisen Solution, in which all visitors had to register, has finally had its day and must now be replaced by an elegant Apple iPad.

POS Solutions has implemented a solution for time recording and electronic registration of visitors for Raiffeisen Solution. The software is optimized for tablet PCs and can be used on all operating systems. The following requirements of the Raiffeisen Solution were thus met:

  1. Electronic visitor registration
  2. Automatic time recording for external employees and projects
  3. Complete and reliable visitor history (documentation and reporting)
  4. Control and overview: “Who’s in the house?” (Important in emergencies)
  5. Advance registration of visitor groups
  6. Issuing and administration of visitor badges

Raiffeisen Solution now sells the solution itself within the Raiffeisen Group and to external customers.

About Raiffeisen Solution GmbH:
Raiffeisen Solution is a company of the Raiffeisen banking group and, with around 380 employees, is one of the largest IT service providers in Austria. Raiffeisen Solution uses over 40 years of experience for the Raiffeisen banking group to the benefit of its customers. That is why leading companies with complex tasks and high quality standards rely on Raiffeisen Solution. Raiffeisen Solution is active nationally and internationally, in different industries and several market segments.