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ÖAMTC Reporting Server

Vienna / Austria

For quite some time, ÖAMTC has operated the digital onboarding for the ÖAMTC membership applications. To make the digital process more transparent and easier to evaluate for ÖAMTC Controlling, the POSportal Reporting Server will now also be used.

With each POSportal server, a reporting server is also available with which all transactions of the POSportal server can be evaluated in real time.

This reporting is available for all modules/functionalities of the POSportal server (POSdatahub, POSsign, POSident und POStools).

The evaluations of the reporting server are accessible via two interfaces:

  • An HTML Frontend/UI for manual evaluation in real time (data can also be exported via an Excel or CSV file).
  • API for systemic evaluation (using DWH, for example).